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London, ONJ en mode promo pour GREASE !


Et un grand merci à Michael !


La délicieuse et drôle Didi Conn en interview pour la ressortie de GREASE en DVD !


... raconté par le réalisateur Randal Kleiser himself !

Grease was the first feature Randal Kleiser ever directed. That was 1978. Forty years later, Kleiser breaks down the now-iconic "You're The One That I Want" scene, the "electrifying" musical number where the "Bad Sandy" shows up. Did you know that Olivia Newton-John was sewn into those tight zippered pants and was stuck in them all day ?


Après la version papier, voici la version web :

As Australian icon Olivia Newton-John approaches her 70th birthday and heals from the return of breast cancer last year, her philanthropic work, love for her husband, John Easterling, and her memoir Don't Stop Believin' have taken centre stage. But there is one re-telling of her life story that she's not so sure about.

"There is also a movie of my life that's been made in Australia with Delta Goodrem playing me." She grimaces as she refers to the Channel Seven biopic, Olivia Newton-John Hopelessly Devoted To You.

"I probably won't watch it. When they told me they were doing it, I was horrified, because despite the fact that I'm well known I'm kind of private and my private life, even though it gets into the papers, is not something I want to talk about."

"I worry about the people in my life. It's not their fault they were married to me or were my boyfriend, so I didn't want it to happen. But then I realised it was going to happen whether I wanted it to or not. So I decided to make something positive out of the negative and I asked that any money that would come to me would go to my hospital so that I can do it and feel I care about it."

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denisetruscello  : Another photo from the Photo shoot with the Amazing Olivia Newton John for Australian Woman’s Weekly, had a Beautiful time on her ranch in Northern CA

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LA PHOTO HQ,1)/GettyImages-938737552-5ade0951a474be003666589d.jpg

Et la coupure de web :

"Although she had long been a successful recording artist, during the '80s Olivia Newton-John the pop star witnessed a career rebirth. It was as if her attempted transformation from innocent to sultry seductress in the 1978 film adaptation of Grease had taken root also in her music career. Having graduated from her semi-country '70s roots, Newton-John had no choice but to embrace a more adult image if she wanted success in pop music. 1981's "Physical" was a huge hit, but the whole aerobics thing was probably pushing it a bit."


GREASE est donc ressorti en DVD partout ou presque dans le monde .. en France aussi .. à travers des éditions .. trop classiques à mon gout !


Vu ... dans le très recherché magazine australien NEW IDEA spécial ONJ... histoire de vous faire patienter ...
De très jolies photos .. pas toujours dans le bon sens !


The Colombus Dispatch / 23.04.2018



Fanclub Postcard

Vu sur Ebay cette carte postale originale de 1978 .. d'un Fan Club ... ONJ en mode sexy !

Olivia set to share story

The West Australian
24 Apr 2018

Olivia Newton-John will set the record straight with the release of her memoir later this year.
Newton-John, will finally share her story about her music, her life-changing experience with the film Grease, her family, her charity work including her tireless fundraising for the Melbourne-based Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre, and her personal battles with cancer in Don’t Stop Believin’ which is due for release in September.
Newton-John’s career, which has seen her collect four Grammys and sell 100 million albums, has been in the spotlight in the past year as she resumed her cancer fight and is the subject of a Seven miniseries starring Delta Goodrem.
The title of the book is drawn from Newton-John’s own mantra: “Don’t stop believin’.”

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4ème bande annonce pour la mini-série consacrée à Olivia Newton-John .. toujours pas de date .. mais un coming soon .. on espère donc bientôt !


Celle de Barry Gibb pour le générique de GREASE ... souhaitons qu'un jour John Farrar lâche les siennes ...


GREASE sera donc à nouveau disponible dans une nouvelle version remasterisée et décliné sur 3 supports ... demain !

Son réalisateur Randall Kleiser est un peu sollicité ces derniers temps ...

* 'Grease' turns 40: Carrie Fisher as Sandy, Rydell High's location, missing scenes, and more burning questions answered

As Grease turns 40 this June, and with the release of the new Grease 40th Anniversary Blu-ray, we caught up with Kleiser for answers to some burning questions about the beloved film starring John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, and gang.


On pourra regretter qu'il n'ait pas pu réaliser la scène avec ONJ trempée sur la chanson "It's Raining On Prom Night" .... 

What were some scenes that didn’t make the final cut?

There were a couple of other numbers the director had planned that didn’t make the cut. He had originally envisioned a take on the song “It’s Raining on Prom Night” that would reference Singin’ in the Rain: “I absolutely love that song and wanted to do it like ‘Singin’ in the Rain,’ with Olivia walking through a rain-filled street and having the rain come down on her and mess her all up. I thought it’d be funny to have her singing through the lyrics about the mascara running down the face. I thought, ‘Oh, that’d be fun to show.’ But Allan Carr said, ‘No way you’re going to have Olivia look like that in the movie.’ So he nixed it and we couldn’t do that.”


* 'Grease' turns 40c ! 7 things even the hopelessly devoted might not know

Kleiser wasn't sure Olivia Newton-John could pull off the sexier side of Sandy.

The pair had originally met at singer Helen Reddy's home, and while Kleiser liked her she was very much like the sweet, innocent Sandy. "She's exactly the way you see her on film," he said. "It was hard to imagine her as this sex kitten. But oh, boy, did she acquit herself. When she came out of the trailer to show me the outfit and the hair I was blown away. I had no idea who she was."



* ‘Grease’ continues to win new fans as 40th anniversary nears

Almost 40 years after ″Grease″ arrived in theaters, the musical film starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John has easily solidified its place as a pop-culture classic.

In honor of the milestone, the candy-coated saga of first love, first cars and lustful teenagers returned to theaters for a few days this month. In June, fans will gather at the Hollywood Bowl for the annual ″Grease″ sing-along. And most notable, Paramount Home Media on Tuesday will release a 40th-anniversary edition of ″Grease″ on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD and digital.

The new release will feature full restoration of the print, improved sound, loads of previously released material and a handful of fresh extras, including interviews, the original song to which the title sequence was animated and an alternate ending salvaged from the original black-and-white, 16-mm work print discovered by director Randal Kleiser.


Il y a peu ... John Travolta confirmait qu'il travaillait depuis des mois avec Olivia Newton John sur un projet de réunion de « Grease ». "On va en effet fêter les 40 ans du long métrage le plus rock'n'roll et kitsch de tous les temps".
Une source déclarait à un journal quelconque que le duo iconique reprendrait les rôles. John Travolta, quant à lui, s’était contenté de dire «Oh, on a de gros projets».»

John Travolta ne pouvait rien annoncer : «Je ne peux rien annoncer pour l'instant. Dans deux semaines, donc tenez-vous prêts. Je pourrais pleurer rien qu'en y pensant. Vous allez adorer !», expliquait John Travolta.
L'acteur était soit disant tenu par le secret, il sait semble t-il mettre l'eau à la bouche des fans.... mais juste l'eau !!

ET DONC ??? ...

En marge du 71e Festival de Cannes , 32 longs-métrages qui ont fait l'histoire du cinéma seront projetés.
Plusieurs comédiens de renoms sont attendus sur le tapis rouge ou au cinéma de la plage lors de cette édition qui célébrera aussi le 50e anniversaire de 2001 : L'Odyssée de l'espace et le centenaire d'Ingmar Bergman.

Une projection publique de GREASE en présence de John Travolta himself sera diffusé lors du Cannes Classics. Le publique pourra vérifier s'il a gardé un peu de son légendaire déhanché.... et Olivia Newton-John .. viendra t-elle fouler le célèbre tapis rouge ??


L'un des meilleurs remixes crée par DAYBEAT !


L’Allemagne s'apprête à son tour à diffuser GREASE sur grand écran .. à partir du 9 mai ! (merci Kay)



ONJ par Tim Sabatino ..


GREASE toujours 40 dans le Daily Express anglais et une version courte "des nuits sans sommeil" d'ONJ dans la version néo-zélandaise du Woman's Day !

Un grand merci à Kay !

dimanche 22 avril 2018


Il y a des jours .. une chanson qui ne quitte pas votre cerveau ....



Lu dans le InTouch .... au final aucun nouveau détail croustillant à se mettre sous la dent ... mais la presse n'hésite pas à nous montrer les héros de GREASE en 1978 .. puis en 2018 .. c'est sur vieillir .. (sic !)

Merci Kay !


Tellement risible ... et cela tranche radicalement avec l'interview d'Olivia pour le Woman's Weekly ! ...ceci dit il plane un grand mystère pour la diffusion de la mini-série en question ... 

…and word is she’s not convinced about Delta’s role.

The Olivia Newton-john biopic couldn’t have come at a worse time for the star, who is worried how she’ll be portrayed while continuing to make her health a priority during her breast cancer battle.

Sources close to Olivia, 69, say anxiety over the Seven production starring Delta Goodrem has been keeping her awake at night. She’s especially fearful about the effect the series might have on her family, in particular her fragile daughter Chloe.

“Olivia’s seen the trailer and hated it. She’s a very proud woman and the last thing she wants is for her life to be raked over by some cheesy made-for-TV production,” says a source. “She hasn’t slept properly since she saw it, and her hubby [John Easterling] is worried about how it’s affecting her.”

Industry sources say Olivia, who revealed last year that her breast cancer has come back and metastasised in her spine, has been fighting tooth and nail to have the production stopped for years.

From coping with bankruptcy when her clothing line went under in 1991, followed by her shock breast cancer diagnosis in 1992, to divorcing her husband Matt Lattanzi in 1995 and dealing with their daughter Chloe’s addiction issues for years, there’s plenty of juicy fodder for a biopic.

“Olivia has had some really rotten times in her life and she doesn’t want them aired again for entertainment purposes,” confirms the insider. “She fears this is going to bring back painful memories she’s been trying to shut down.”


Insiders say Olivia sent aggressive legal advice to Seven to ensure there would be no mention of 32-year-old Chloe’s struggles, including depression, anorexia, and a $130-a-day cocaine addiction, for fear it might upset her daughter, who has battled with her demons for years.

“Chloe is finally in a good place and her relationship with Olivia is better than it’s been since she was a little kid,” says an insider. “Olivia doesn’t want anything to impact that. Chloe is still fragile, and Olivia is petrified something like this could really upset her.” It’s believed Seven agreed to leave Chloe’s troubles out of their production. They also heeded Olivia’s warnings not to go into too much detail about her ex-boyfriend Patrick Mcdermott, who vanished, presumed dead, from a fishing boat in 2005. He has since been accused of faking his own death and stealing away to Mexico. The mystery surrounding his death has reportedly left Olivia heartbroken for years, and friends say focusing on it would be the ultimate betrayal.


“Producers had to compromise with Olivia because they want this to be a celebration of her life, and they don’t want the negative publicity of a court battle,” says a source.

“They’ve made everyone involved sign confidentiality agreements in the hope it eases her worries further, but Olivia’s still dreading it.

“She can’t believe people would want to profit from the ups and downs of her life, and sees it as a total betrayal after she’s represented Australia so well for most of her life,” the source says.


Chloe – who lives in Oregon, US, and has become extremely protective of her “mama bear” since the latest cancer diagnosis – is on the warpath too, and has Delta Goodrem in her sights.

“Chloe absolutely hates that they cast Delta to portray her mum. In her eyes, no one lives up to Olivia, not even Delta,” says a source from her hometown. “Chloe tells anyone who’ll listen Delta isn’t up to the task of filling Olivia’s shoes.”

Adds a show insider, “Delta is devastated Olivia and her family are uncomfortable with her casting. She thought this was the role of her career and it’s been her dream to play Olivia since she was a little girl. Delta feels sick that it’s turning out this way.”


Journée de la Terre 2018 : Le message de Jane Goodall

L'éthologue, engagée pour la défense de l'environnement, est mise à l'honneur par Google.

Jane Goodall connaît la Terre. La primatologue, qui a fondé un institut à son nom pour encourager la protection de la biodiversité et de l'environnement, est engagée depuis toujours dans la défense des espèces et de la nature. Ce n'est donc pas un hasard si Google l'a choisie, ce samedi 21 avril, pour illustrer son Doodle et s'exprimer à l'occasion de la Journée de la Terre.

L'éthologue, aujourd'hui âgée de 84 ans, insiste, dans un message vidéo, sur "l'importance" de ce jour, célébré chaque 22 avril depuis 1970 aux États-Unis (internationalement depuis 1990). Revenant sur son expérience et sa passion pour la nature, qu'elle cultive depuis toujours, Jane Goodall martèle que "tout est connecté": "même l'espèce qui paraît la plus insignifiante contribue à tisser la grande tapisserie de la vie."

"Quelle meilleure occasion que le Jour de la Terre pour faire un effort afin de mieux vivre en harmonie avec la nature ? Chaque individu compte. Chaque jour, chaque individu appose sa marque sur la planète. À nous de décider du type de trace que nous souhaitons laisser", dit Jane Goodall dans ce court message de sensibilisation.

Chaque année, le Jour de la Terre donne lieu à des rassemblements partout dans le monde et des opérations de sensibilisation du la protection de l'environnement. En 2016, c'est à l'occasion du Jour de la Terre que fut signé l'Accord de Paris sur le climat.

Olivia Newton John est une activiste de longue date pour les questions environnementales et des droits des animaux, et on pourrait dire qu'en épousant John Easterling, elle a rencontré son match. "Amazon John" Easterling est un éco-entrepreneur et un leader visionnaire . Il est diplômé en études environnementales de l'Université de Caroline du Nord et a passé de nombreuses années à chercher dans l'Amazonie trésors et artefacts.

Olivia Newton John, elle-même ancienne Ambassadrice de bonne volonté du Programme environnemental des Nations Unies, soutient depuis longtemps la forêt amazonienne et croit que la santé humaine et la guérison sont intimement liées à la santé et au bien-être de notre planète.
Mais son cœur appartient aussi à l'Australie, en particulier à Byron Bay où elle a Gaia Retreat and Spa. «C'est un endroit pour se reconnecter avec la terre et soi-même», dit-elle.

Lorsqu'on lui demande quels sont ses espoirs et ses craintes pour l'avenir, Olivia répond avec son large sourire et un rire. "Paix mondiale ! Pas vraiment ! Il semble y avoir plus de guerres, pas moins, au fil du temps. J'espère vraiment que nous deviendrons tous plus conscients et commencerons à nous aimer les uns les autres et à protéger notre planète, nous devons le faire. "




Sunday Herald Sun
22 Apr 2018

OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN will set the record straight with the release of her memoir later this year. Newton-John will finally share her story about her music, her life-changing experience with the film

Grease, her family, her charity work including her tireless fundraising for the Melbournebased Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre, and her own personal battles with cancer in Don’t Stop Believin’ which is due for release in September.

Newton-John’s remarkable career, which has seen her collect four Grammys and sell 100 million albums, has been in the spotlight in the past year as she resumed her cancer fight and is the subject of a Channel 7 telemovie starring DELTA GOODREM.

The title of the book is drawn from Newton-John’s own mantra: “Don’t stop believin’.”


Lu dans le Sunday Mirror .. ( un grand merci à Kay )


C'est sur .. il faudra s'attendre à quelques promos diverses et variées pour ses mémoires mais pas que  ...


Et un méga grand merci à Kay pour ... les scans ci-dessous ! ONJ dans l'édition du mois de mai du Australian Women's Weekly !